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Perfumery Consulting

Whether we are creating the most exquisite couturier perfume or a sumptuous fragrance for your bath or laundry, our team is equally delighted to deliver a world class product to you. Our perfumers are at your service. From our vast fragrance library acquired over thirty years in the fragrance industry, we can respond quickly and efficiently to our clients needs.

From time to time other perfume houses will request our assistance with their own projects. Spenarome happily provides this service, fully understanding that not all perfume houses has in house perfumers. In many cases we will provide formulations and procedures for the successful completion of their projects at reasonable prices.

At Spenarome you speak directly to the perfumer so that there are no translation issues with go betweens. Contact us today to experience why so many clients use us over and over again!

The Art of Perfumery

At Spenarome in Weston, Florida we are artists and experts in creating olfactory compositions with a fine sense of smell. With in depth knowledge of fragrance aesthetics we are capable of conveying abstract concepts and moods with fragrance compositions. As experienced perfumers we are able to determine other characteristics of scented products such as permanence, harmony, body, strength and how the odor may alter over time. Each perfume we create starts with a concept, an attempt to capture a feeling and an aesthetic experience. Based on your brief containing the specifications for the desired perfume, (can be described in poetic or abstract terms), the intended application and along with a maximum per price per liter of the perfume oil concentrate we will design the perfect perfume composition for you.


  • "Every time we work with Spenarome we never cease to be impressed. No drama, just solid creative work."

    So happy

  • "Every time I receive your fragrance samples I note a quality to them that I don't get from other fragrance houses…I am not a fragrance formulator by any means, but I wanted to mention that….I am always impressed by the composition…."

    Satisfied and Grateful Client

  • "Thank you Hugh for your quick response and creativity. We loved the experience. We ended up with a great product. Very happy we did not go to the big fragrance houses. We love Spenarome."

    Happy Customer