Fragrance Enriches Life

"Perfume is magic. It's mystery. We recreate the smell of a flower. Of wood. Of grass. We capture the essence of life. Liquefy it. We store memories. We make dreams. What we do is a wonder, an art, and we have a responsibility to do it well." M.J Rose

Spenarome in Weston, Florida uses our vast palette of raw materials, from the most exotic natural products gathered from around the world, to the best state of the science aromatic ingredients available, to create, recreate or duplicate great, consistent, stable and safe fragrances for our clients.


Fragrance capabilities include but not limited to:
  • Fine fragrances: Such as perfumes, colognes and body mists
  • Personal care: Such as bath products, hand and body products, hair care and baby care
  • Homecare: Such as air care, dish care and laundry care

We conform to all IFRA guidelines (international fragrance association) and our perfumers are members of the American Society of Perfumers


Olfactive families

Classification by olfactive family is a starting point for a description of a perfume. Fragrances normally contain aspects of different families or categories as follows:

  • Amber or "Oriental": A large fragrance class featuring the sweet slightly animalic scents of ambergris or labdanum, often combined with vanilla, tonka bean, flowers and woods.
  • Aquatic: A clean smell reminiscent of the ocean, leading to many of the modern androgynous perfumes and generally contains calone.
  • Bright Floral: Fragrances that are dominated by a scent from one particular flower(s). A floral bouquet contains the combination of several flowers for one global scent.
  • Citrus: An old fragrance family that until recently consisted mainly of "freshening" eau de colognes, due to the low tenacity of citrus scents. (composition include oakmoss, cistus-labdanum, patchouli and bergamot chords). Development of newer fragrance compounds has allowed for the creation of primarily citrus fragrances
  • Fruity: Featuring the aromas of fruits other than citrus, such as peach, cassis (black currant), mango, passion fruit, and others.
  • Green: Fragrances built on pronounced cut grass, crushed green leaf and cucumber-like scents.
  • Gourmand: These often contain notes like vanilla, tonka bean and coumarin, as well as synthetic components designed to resemble food flavors.
  • Leather: A family of fragrances which features the scents of honey, tobacco, wood and wood tars in its middle or base notes and a scent that alludes to leather.
  • Woody: Fragrances that are dominated by woody scents, typically of agarwood, sandalwood, cedarwood, and vetiver. Patchouli, with its camphoraceous smell, is commonly found in these perfumes.
Whatever your requirement we will create the fragrance you desire.


  • "Every time I receive your fragrance samples I note a quality to them that I don't get from other fragrance houses…I am not a fragrance formulator by any means, but I wanted to mention that….I am always impressed by the composition…."

    Satisfied and Grateful Client

  • "Thank you Hugh for your quick response and creativity. We loved the experience. We ended up with a great product. Very happy we did not go to the big fragrance houses. We love Spenarome."

    Happy Customer

  • "Every time we work with Spenarome we never cease to be impressed. No drama, just solid creative work."

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